Seimas increased Lithuania’s contribution to NATO Mission Iraq

The Parliament unanimously adopted Resolutions of the Seimas (draft No XIIIP-5271(2) and No XIIIP-5272(2)), thereby deciding to increase Lithuania’s contribution to the NATO mission in Iraq and to establish the legal basis for the participation, in the 2021–2022 international operations, of the military units of the Republic of Lithuania assigned to the NATO Response Force and Joint Expeditionary Force; Lithuanian military personnel serving at NATO and EU military commands, and civilian staff of the national defence system.

The amendment to the Seimas Resolution enabled to increase the number of Lithuanian troops participating in the NATO military training operation in Iraq to 50. The Resolution of the Seimas currently in force allows up to 11 Lithuanian soldiers and civilian staff members serving in the national defence system to participate in the NATO military training operation.

The main tasks of the NATO military training operation in Iraq are to provide training and advisory support to Iraqi defence and security institutions, as well as to education institutions of the defence and security sector. ‘It should be noted that the Force Protection Unit of the Lithuanian Armed Forces will not participate in combat operations. Its main task is to ensure internal security of the NATO Military Training Command in the Iraqi capital, as well as escort and security of its personnel in the city of Baghdad,’ states the explanatory note to the document.

The new Resolution adopted by the Seimas provides for the international deployment of up to 331 Lithuanian soldiers and civilian servants of the national defence system in 2021, and up to 432 starting from 2022, when the North Atlantic Council adopts a decision to use the NATO Response Force and/or personnel of NATO military commands for an international operation, or the Council of the EU takes a decision to use the personnel of the EU military commands for an international operation.

It was also decided to deploy, in 2021–2022, up to 142 military and civilian servants of the national defence system assigned to the United Expeditionary Forces, to participate in NATO or EU international operations carried out on the basis of the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council or the operations taking place in the territories of NATO and EU member states, when the state in charge of the Joint Expeditionary Forces decides to participate in those operations after consultations with the participating states.

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