Lithuania and Taiwan to develop cooperation in transport

Agnė Vaiciukevičiūtė, Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications, Algis Latakas, CEO of the Klaipėda State Seaport Authority (KVJUD), together with the delegation of Lithuanian business representatives, completed their official visit in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, Hsinchu, Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung. The beginning of strengthening bilateral business relations was marked by the Memorandum of Understanding on the manufacturing of electric vehicles, signed by UAB Vėjo projektai and TAV. The possibilities and perspectives of transporting cargo from Taiwan through the Port of Klaipėda and regular direct air communication between the countries were also assessed during the meetings.

“This is the first visit of such level of the representatives of the Ministry of Transport and Communications and business in Taiwan in order to develop cooperation in transport. We had 14 meetings in five days with the representatives of four ministries, two international seaports, four global Taiwanese private and state-owned companies, associations of international seaports and private manufacturers of electric vehicles and their components. The main purpose of the visit was to find points in common in economic cooperation, transport and logistics sectors. We also focused on common shipping and aviation solutions. The next step involves the joint work of the experts of both sides and assessment of further cooperation. We see a lot of potential,” Agnė Vaiciukevičiūtė, Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications, says.

The foundation for partnership between Lithuanian and Taiwanese business was laid this week at Kaohsiung with the official signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between UAB Vėjo projektai, the Lithuanian manufacturer of electric buses managing the brand Dancer Bus, and Tangeng Advanced Vehicles Co (TAV), the largest Taiwanese manufacturer of passenger and freight vehicles. By signing the Memorandum, the representatives of the companies created the basis for the establishment of a joint undertaking and manufacturing company of electric vehicles in Lithuania.

Taiwan, a string of islands located in Southeast Asia, has 7 international and 4 local ports, where the largest global freight transportation companies also operate. A number of them also operate in Klaipėda. Agnė Vaiciukevičiūtė, Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications, and Algis Latakas, during the meetings with the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications of Taiwan, Taiwan International Ports Corporation, heads and chairmen of the boards of ports and business companies, discussed the possibility of restoring the volume of cargo flow to Klaipėda to the pre-pandemic level and gradually increasing it in order to compensate for this year’s decrease in cargo.

During the visit in Taiwan, the Port of Taichung was also visited, where an area of approximately 100 hectares is reserved for the development of an industrial park. The operations carried out in this territory will include the manufacturing of the components of wind turbines, assembly of power stations and their offshore development. It is planned to build two offshore wind farms with 65 wind turbines by 2025 next to the Port of Taichung, with a capacity of wind energy production of 3 GW. As Lithuania is preparing for the construction of a 700 MW wind farm in the Baltic Sea, the Port of Klaipėda could become an important platform for the resources of this project. Cooperation was proposed to Taiwanese ports in exchanging practices in the implementation of such projects.

“Economic turbulence caused by different factors remains a challenge, and one of its solutions is the diversification of logistics, search for developing economies and new directions,” Agnė Vaiciukevičiūtė, Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications, emphasises.

In Taiwan, the Lithuanian representatives also discussed the guidelines for international air communication policymaking — the need for direct airways between Lithuania and Taiwan. The representatives of China Airlines were introduced to the perspectives of strengthening the Lithuanian aviation sector, the need for regular freight flights and passenger charter flights was defined.

Together with Agnė Vaiciukevičiūtė, Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications, KVJUD and the representatives of UAB Vėjo projektai, during the five-day visit in Taiwan, the heads of UAB Altas Auto and UAB Elinta Robotics also developed their business relations.

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