Best first year-students at Vilnius University awarded Teltonika’s €3,000 incentive scholarships

The best first-year students at Vilnius University (VU) studying information technologies and engineering were awarded €3,000 incentive scholarships. The 24 best students at Mathematics and Informatics, Physics, and Kaunas faculties and Šiauliai Academy were officially awarded by CEO at Teltonika Telematics (Antanas Šegžda) and Director of VšĮ Teltonika High-Tech Hill Julius Purlys. The total amount of special scholarships established by the company for VU students amounts to €72,000 per year.

Dr Valdas Jaskūnas, Vice-Rector for Studies at Vilnius University, believes that the focus on innovative business and the professional perspectives provided to students give them the confidence to pursue ambitious goals.

“The partnership between the university and business allows students to feel the value of collaboration between science and business and to contribute to the search for solutions to the challenges of modern society. I believe that Teltonika’s initiative to motivate talented young people with scholarships will encourage them to choose modern technology studies, the demand and impact of which will only increase in the future,” the VU Vice-Rector said.

Antanas Šegžda, CEO at Teltonika Telematics, sees great value in cooperating with VU to create a better and more attractive study environment for the most talented future high-tech specialists.

“For many years, Teltonika has had a clear vision to create the best conditions for creative, knowledge-seeking talent to learn, and to help them move on the path to high technology. VU, as the largest higher education institution in the country, which annually attracts a large number of the best high-school graduates, is a very suitable partner in projects promoting business and research cooperation, and the established scholarships are not only one aspect of cooperation but also a motivation for students to pursue further goals in their chosen field,” the CEO at UAB Teltonika Telematics said.

Teltonika aims to motivate young talent in the field of engineering with the established incentive scholarships. Scholarships awarded to them are paid during the first 10 months of study. There is a monthly allowance of €300 per student.

In the spring of this year, VU and UAB Teltonika IoT Group signed a cooperation agreement aimed at developing cooperation between science and business and improving the quality of studies at VU in the field of high technology. Cooperation is also planned in the field of science – a joint research laboratory of VU and Teltonika is planned to be established at the Faculty of Physics.

Cooperation activities promote the development of the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, robotics, embedded systems, mobile ecosystems, telematics, network equipment, telemedicine, telecommunications, and electronics.

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