Reconstruction of the road Kaunas–Prienai to improve daily traffic conditions for 11.5 thousand drivers

Today, Minister of Transport and Communications Marius Skuodis made an announcement in Prienai on the launch of a reconstruction project on a road section between Kaunas and Prienai, part of Road No 130 Kaunas–Prienai–Alytus. Reconstruction of this section is to improve traffic conditions for 11.5 thousand drivers who are using this road daily, ensure safe traffic and a speed limit of 90 km per hour throughout all Kaunas–Prienai section.

“Preparation of the Kaunas–Prienai section reconstruction project has started in 2012. I am glad we revived the old plan and are finally setting out for a new challenge. Implementation of this project is important for the modernisation of the South Lithuania region road network”, the Minister said.

Prienai district municipality mayor Alvydas Vaicekauskas states that the road Kaunas–Prienai–Alytus is of paramount importance for the population, businessmen and tourists of more than one municipality. “We have been awaiting the reconstruction and requesting it for decades, thus, we are very happy to hear that the project has a clear schedule and deadlines.”

The project for the Kaunas–Prienai road section has been included into the Government’s agenda. Currently, a special plan for the reconstruction of the Road No 130 Kaunas–Prienai–Alytus section from the 11.6 km to 31,1 km (i. e. from Garliava multi-level junction to a roundabout near Prienai) is already in place and has been approved.

The reconstruction will be implemented in two stages. The first stage, to be completed by the end of 2023, involves taking the land for public interest and road reconstruction design works, while the second stage involves contracting works to run from 2024 through to 2026.

By the Minister’s order, during the first stage, Lithuanian Road Administration is to implement actions necessary to commence the process of land expropriation for public interest. The road expansion works will require around 42 ha of private land located at the road route. It will be purchased from almost 300 land owners. The procedures for land expropriation for public interest should take around 26 months, almost up until the end of 2023. The road expansion is planned in view of highly complex location conditions, taking into the account that the land near the road houses many settlements, individual farms, water bodies, fishing ponds, water extraction points and forests. The road has over 80 engineering communication lines, including high pressure gas line and railway line, crossing or in parallel to it.

Additionally, the first stage is to involve the drafting of the reconstruction project, which means that reconstruction alternatives, road expansion needs and traffic organisation options are to be analysed in view of the traffic intensity and safety.

The second stage involves road reconstruction. The works are to be performed in two sections simultaneously: in Kaunas–Prienai section from Garliava multi-level junction up to Šaltupiai (from the 11.6 km to 23 km) and in the part of the road from Šaltupiai up to a roundabout near Prienai (from the 23 km to 31.1 km).

The cost of the reconstruction is expected to amount to EUR 90 million. Actual costs shall depend on the road reconstruction option, technical solutions and public procurement procedures for all reconstruction works stages. The road Kaunas–Prienai section reconstruction is scheduled to be completed in 2026.

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