Marius Skuodis approved the new Board of Lietuvos geležinkeliai, AB

Upon the approval of the Minister of Transport and Communications, the newly formed Board of Lietuvos geležinkeliai, AB (LTG) takes up its duties. It consists of 7 members; i.e. five independent members: Dalia Andrulionienė, Eugenijus Preikša, Bernard Guillelmon, Kęstutis Šliužas, Aurimas Vilkelis; and 2 members delegated by the Ministry of Transport and Communications: Romas Švedas and Agnė Amelija Mikalonė.

The new LTG Board had to be elected when Minister Skuodis recalled the Board elected at the end of 2020 due to the doubts related to the transparency of the then performed selection and board members’ appointment procedure, as well as to the compliance of their competence with LTG strategic goals.

“The Ministry’s vision is a strong and competitive Lietuvos geležinkeliai group meeting the expectations of the clients and of the State as its main shareholder. I believe that the new Board, equipped with extensive international transport and logistics experience, will help the company to meet the challenges, use its potential and find new possibilities for successful competition in the region and Europe,” Minister Skuodis said.

More than 140 candidates expressed their interest to participate in the LTG Board selection. Keeping up with the highest transparency standards, international selection and interviews were conducted with the help of AIMS International present throughout all the stages of selection.

The new Board was composed taking into account the candidates’ international experience in railway and logistics sectors, and their digital transformation competences. The continuity of activities was ensured by appointing R. Švedas, a former member of the Board.

The new Board is composed of the following members:

Dalia Andrulionienė has considerable experience in board activities and company management, and organisational changes implementation in both state-owned and private companies. In 2013–2018, D. Andrulionienė had been working in Lietuvos energija, UAB group, and had been a board member of Lesto, AB (now Energijos Skirstymo Operatorius AB) and Lietuvos energija, UAB, CEO and Chairperson of the Board of Energijos Skirstymo Operatorius AB, and is currently managing Omberg, UAB, one of the major housing developers in Lithuania.

Eugenijus Preikša is currently Head of Risk Management and former Deputy Chairman of the Board at Swedbank Baltics having considerable international experience in finance, risk management and audit.

Bernard Guillelmon has been working as the highest level manager and board member in the railway sector for over 20 years. Over the past 12 years, he has been working as a CEO of BLS, Swiss railway company, and is currently president of the industry organization for public transport Alliance Swiss Pass.

Kęstutis Šliužas is an expert in strategic management, business development and international politics management with over 10 years of the highest level management experience in local and international equity companies employing from hundreds to thousands of people in several sectors. From 2013 to 2018, Šliužas had been managing the communications company Telia Lietuva.

Aurimas Vilkelis is a logistics business development and management professional. He currently lives and works in Switzerland where he is heading the Swiss Post transport department.

Romas Švedas has a very long experience in Lithuanian diplomatic service, and in the sectors of energy, transport and environmental impact assessment. As of 2016 Švedas is an independent board member and Chairman of Lietuvos geležinkeliai, AB.

Agnė Amelija Mikalonė currently is Senior Advisor at the Ministry of Transport and Communications. She has experience in strategic planning, good corporate management, organisation development, transformation and strategic national infrastructure projects implementation. Mikalonė’s experience in practical strategic goals implementation comes from her involvement in boards and supervisory boards’ activities of energy companies, such as EPSO-G, UAB, Klaipėdos nafta, AB, SE Ignalinos AE, Amber Grid, AB.

LTG Board is a collegial management body consisting of seven members, including five independent ones. The new Board is appointed for a 4-year office. During its next meeting, the Board will elect a chairman out of its existing members.

The national strategic company Lietuvos geležinkeliai currently employs about 9000 people.

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