dodesign Copenhagen: The comeback of the linen

Did you know that linen is one of the strongest natural fibers in the World? Linen is an ancient fabric, produced from the flax plant and known for its strength and durability. Linen garments are inherited from generation to generation. Because of its strength, linen doesn’t wear off quickly, it only becomes softer and lovelier with every wash.

“This is a type of quality and durability we are talking about. But we do more than talk. You can already purchase modern linen home textiles on our web shop. “, – says Dominyka Narbute, owner and creator of dodesign.

The mission of dodesign is to bring linenback into a new spotlight.We introduce the very same linen that all of us know from our mothers and grandmothers, but with a modern twist. It‘s minimalistic and subtle. Combining Danish design with bold, occasionally even somewhat funky colours really gives our linen a unique look, so you can start a little history of your own! dodesign is a boutique family- owned business, all the textiles are produced ethically in EU. We offer a wide range of highest quality products in a variety of colors, such as linen tablecloths, napkins, kitchen/ tea towels, aprons, bathroom and beach towels, bed linen, bread bags, as well as custom made products. All of our linen goods are stonewashed and softened already. Hence, they are ready to use- no need to soak them before use.

WHY LINEN? Linen is an environmentally friendly fiber. It is great for a household that wants to become more sustainable and eco-conscious. Firstly because growing flax requires much less rich soils, water and pesticides, than cotton, for example. Secondly, it is biodegradable and lasts through generations, so it helps to reduce consumption in general. Besides sustainability and waste reduction, linen has great water-absorbent properties, is breathable, dries quickly. What is more, it is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, what makes it easy to take care of, suitable for children, people with sensitive skin and allergies – perfect for both the kitchen and the bathroom. It also has thermo-regulating properties and feels nice to your skin, which improves the quality of your sleep all year round.

To avoid overproduction and waste, many of our products are limited edition or custom made. dodesign also offers orders in custom sizes, so no matter how big your table is, we will make a tablecloth for you.

Shop your linen at https://dodesignstore.dk/

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